Infinite Love sparks experiences of transcendence. We do this throughout the year when we host community-bonding gatherings such as potlucks, parties, and workshops. In Black Rock City we present our raison d’être: 50+ hours of interactive programming, designed to celebrate the many facets of love!

  1. Love your Body: Black Rock City Yoga & massage
  2. Love your Animal: Dance & Twister
  3. Love your Self: Meditation & the Infinite Cozy Air-Conditioned Lounge
  4. Love the Other: Speed Dating Parties & Community Workshops

Camp Culture

We are known for being an exceptionally open and embracing community. We provide shelter, comfortable seating, welcoming music, hot tea, and smiling faces to chat with. People who wander into our camp consistently report that they felt embraced and welcomed by the wonderful people they met.

Flagship Parties

We host two signature parties in Black Rock City.

  • New in 2023: an all-afternoon speed-dating event with DJs, dancing, face painting, refreshments, and a giant game of twister; this is aimed to make connections — both romantic and friendly, for those with open hearts and minds.

  • The second event is cosmic sound journey featuring a set by Goldcap, live painting by Amanda Sage, and dance performances by Rozbot. This is our biggest event on playa, and we hope to see you there!

Camp Spaces

Infinite Love is open to visitors 24/7. There is always a place to rest in our beautifully lit venue: Infinite Chill, and our brightly lit beacon is a welcoming landmark for travelers navigating Black Rock City.

We also proudly host Infinite Cozy, which offers a big, air-conditioned space purpose built for burners seeking relaxation and quiet conversation. Come inside to find cushions, a message board, and new friends.

Starting in 2023, we also offer Infinite Love — After Hours; composed of rich night-time programming featuring immersive lighting, beautiful ambient music, and hot tea carefully curated to invigorate or sooth.